Our Members

Soprano Section

  • Lisa Addington

  • Lois Baranowski

  • Colette Funches

  • June Kudas

  • Maria McBride

  • Cathy Patterson

  • Nancy Price

  • Michele Rudolph

  • Beth Sapelli

Alto Section

  • Barbara Badstibner

  • Lisa Boynton

  • Donna Dineen

  • Jane Kostic

  • Janice Mayni

  • Maria Pompura

  • Paula Puskaric

  • Nancy Quinn

  • Debbie Ricci

  • Jo VanMeter

Tenor Section

  • David Badstibner

  • John Butchki

  • Terri Gobbel

  • Paul Handel
  • Jay Johnson

  • Kevin Narushoff

Bass Section

  • John Filippone

  • Paul Fiumara
  • Keith Frid

  • John Harding

  • David Hykes

Become a Member

Mon Yough Chorale rehearses every Sunday from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm at Sampson’s Mills Presbyterian Church located at 1665 Lincoln Way White Oak, PA 15131.

Mon Yough Chorale is affiliated with the church for rehearsal and concert purposes only. We may occasionally use the venue for fundraising purposes also. You do not need to join or be a member of the church to become a member of the chorus.